Humorous Real-Life Info

Have you noticed (for some reason) that Amy Anderson is a possible cross-hybrid between the other two Andersons (Gillian and Pamela, none of whom are even related to each other) ? Well, if you notice the similarities between all three, there's the fact that they're all beautiful, smart and tough (not to mention armed), the only difference is that Amy is the youngest of the three. One wonders if the DIC producers were somewhat "inspired" to give Amy the ever-popular Anderson surname. It's your call.

Was the JR-Haruka train named after this Haruka ? You betcha !!! The JR (Japan Railways) Group has the Limited Express train called "Haruka", which travels from Kyoto (thru Shin-Osaka and Tennoji) to the Kansai International Airport, just outside Izumi-Sano (and back to Kyoto, of course). Now, there's a coincidental connection between this Haruka and the SM character, Haruka Ten'o. The two Harukas were introduced in '94, but the SM Haruka came first before the Kansai Airport and the JR train were completed. Interestingly enough, the train does stop at Tennoji (spelled with an extra "n" to simplify the "o" pronounciation). It has been revealed that the JR-West employee who suggested the Haruka name, was (and still is) indeed a Sailor Uranus fan. As you know, her "partner" (and lover) is Michiru Kai'o (Sailor Neptune). Why, you ask ? Michiru thought that Haruka was a male (nope, only tom-boyish), but the two have since become a very intimate duo. The Ten'o Kanji (which means "Heavenly King") for the two Harukas is the same. Haruka, by the way, means "distance".

Have tourists to Japan been watching too much Sailor Moon lately ??? Well, if you haven't already found out, many of the characters' family surnames are, of course, named after some Japanese cities and villages (city names are underlined):

A few of the places within the Tokyo city area (besides Juban-cho) which were identified in the TV series are shown below:

When will the Spice Girls (minus Ginger, who's now a UN ambassador) ever mention Sailor Moon (like, it's broadcast in England, too !!!) ? This popular British "Girl Power" group was formed in 1993, coincidentally around the same time that the SM Series in Japan was gaining popularity (obviously, the Spices were mere unknowns until 1996). Have you ever noticed how the Spices' looks and personalities are way too similar (more like exact) to those of the Sailor Scouts (minus the magic powers) ?? As well, in 1997, the SM Lunarock album came 2 months before the Spice World album (both their respective second albums). You know, it'd be interesting if they could dedicate at least one of their songs to the animated "Fab Five". It was a bummer that they didn't integrate any SM reference into their 1997 Spice World movie (which was a successful one). Come on Spice Girls, "spice up" the Scouts' lives (and Naoko-sensei's, too) for once !!!

Some of their songs which would make a great addition for the next SM album are comprised below:

Einhander (German for "one hand") from Square Co. Ltd. for the Sony Playstation System, is undoubtedly the best shooter game ever made (it's also their first). The game's storyline takes place in the year 2245 AD, where the Earth Empire Forces (based in Neo-Germany - which explains the German dialogue used throughout the game) begin their final assault on the Selene Moon Forces (uh, you must believe that even the programmers must've been watching too much Sailor Moon themselves). Selene is located on the Moon's South Pole region; this war has been going on for the past 100 years; ever since this particular city colony was established and then thriving quickly, it prompted the Earth Empire Forces to attack them. However, the Selene Moon Forces literally destroyed much of the Earth, and an unofficial truce between the two was made. Now, the 2nd Moon War has started, and as mentioned above, Earth (now as an empire) will start launching a battlecruiser to destroy Selene. However, Selene has countered by sending experimental fighters called the "Einhanders" against the huge Earth Empire Forces, and find out about their plans.

There are 7 levels in this game (each of which gets progressively longer - except the last two), not to mention the many secrets and weapons for you to find out. As well, the graphics and Techno-style music are awesome (the automatic shift in the camera angles is a nice touch); let's not forget about the huge bosses (one of which looks just like EVA-01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion).

Even if you set this game on "Easy", you'll still have a tough time finishing the game without continuing (you have 10 chances). As well, there are 3 ships for you to try experimenting (plus 2 hidden ones). Did you know that another SM reference is also mentioned here (Prince Darien is also known in Japan as Endymion, which is also coincidentally named for two of the 3 Einhanders) ? The first stage is reminiscent of the Blade Runner movie (and the Spice Girls' "Spice Up Your Life" music video).

We hope Square will create a new sequel, as well as an arcade version (can you say, "Moon Scepter Elimination Extreme" ? I knew you could).

Speaking of possible life on the Moon, we've witnessed the 1969 "Man on the Moon" event, where Neil Armstrong landed there (and his footprint has been there ever since). Now, there's some more evidence being shown to us. Satellite images indicate frozen ice scattered in many areas of the Moon (does anyone know the precise spot where the Moon Kingdom was established ?); and soon, a Lunar Expedition team will be sent there to collect more evidence as well as plans for establishing a colony there (don't say "Einhander"). We SM fans are never the only ones watching too much of a good thing.

Yes folks, even Sailor Moon was featured in the second-last episode of the ReBoot Series. In fact, she was seen in two episodes. Unfortunately, she was among the many fatalities of the System Shutdown (and was never revived like all the others in the series finale). Nonetheless, at least we know that there are some SM fans within the Mainframe Entertainment group.

Here are the Powerpuff Girls from Hanna-Barbera. Created in 1998, this is a cross-hybrid between Sailor Moon and the Spice Girls (hint, hint). Coincidentally, this is the same show the SOS Group had to watch (and endorse) in exchange for including Sailor Moon in the Cartoon Network's Toonami schedule.

Some of the Sailor Wannabes are mentioned below: