How do you find Tokyo's Juban-cho area ????

Well, it's not exactly as hard as it seems, but you can find it rather easily. This district is part of the popular Roppongi area (famous for its many dance clubs), and is sometimes known for its historically "conservative" background. The subway station for this area is now open. This place is naturally the basis of the entire Sailor Moon series (the Tokyo Tower is also nearby, and is visible from this area). Oh, don't forget that Naoko-sensei herself has been living here for the past decade or so (she may have moved). Take a look at the map below to get a near-perfect idea of how to get there. The first one below is from , the second one from the SOS Group.

From the Ginza area, take the grey-colored Hibiya Line towards Roppongi Stn., then transfer onto the new Oedo Line towards Azabu-Juban, which is located directly below its Shopping District. Raye Hino's Hikawa Shrine is located in Moto-Azabu (also nearby). You will be able to see the Tokyo Tower from just about anywhere in this area; the Mugen district (near Tokyo Bay) is fictional, but the area for it is real. You can get the entire subway map for free from the .

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