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Page 2 of U know U watch way 2 much SM when...
-Tuxedo Mask gives new meaning to the phrase, "Puttin' on the Ritz".

-you got your teacher (who'll be touring Japan) to sit thru a short lecture on Sailor Moon, so he/she'll be ready for the trip (simply put, bring some SM-related souvenirs back !)

-you buy other anime videos which feature heroines in sailor outfits (like Nuku Nuku, A-ko, Minmei, Sakura, Lum-chan, etc.)

-your girlfriend even tried singing it, karaoke-style.

-the Traffic Dept. of your city has just installed new Walk signallers, this time showing the phrase, "Sailor Moon says, Walk (or Don't Walk)".

-it's a better alternative to Baywatch.

-you just can't say "Sailor" without "Moon" (or vice versa).

-the night creatures (like vampires and werewolves) which were once powerful under a full moon, now become SM fans.

-some Bruce Springsteen songs come to mind:
I'm on Fire, Murder Inc., Dancing in the Dark, Glory Days, etc.

-the fact it's raining today prompts you to think that Mother Nature is listening to the song "Rainy Day Man".

-the summer weather is Mother Nature's way of saying "Mars fire, Ignite" or "Venus Crescent Beam Smash".

-you and your fiancee visit Las Vegas, Nevada, for the gambling fun, but want to avoid the Card booths (like Black Jack or 21) for obvious reasons.

-you just saw Darien & Serena getting the Oscar and Grammy awards for best acting and singing.

-you wonder if Usagi Yojimbo knows Serena.

-you get your favorite hockey announcer to say that famous phrase... "She shoots, she scores !!!".

-the committee for the Guinness Book of World Records sends officials all over the world to find those who watch SM the most (one rich family has seen Star Wars over a million times from Day One.).

-Serena's mom was seen buying some dust filters, which block out dust, pollen, fungii, and "spores" !

-you were hoping for the Japanese producers to create Sailor Moon T-Z, then A-Q, so that the series will be truly complete.

-some Billy Idol songs come to mind:
Rebel Yell, Sweet 16, Eyes without a face, etc.

-you've just spotted a modified version of the Olympic Flag. In this case, there's a Sailor Scout for each of the 5 rings !!!

-some Lionel Richie songs come to mind:
Running with the Night, All Night Long, Dancing on the Ceiling, Hello, Say U Say me, etc.

-you even convinced Doctor Who in travelling inside the Tardis to the New Crystal Tokyo Kingdom (in the 4th millenium).

-at the hospital, the first thing a nurse or doctor says to you is, "Moon crystal healing".

-some Madonna songs come to mind:
Dress you Up, Material Girl, Crazy for You, Holiday; Express Yourself, etc.

-seeing SM destroy each monster makes you wanna say ...
"It blow up real good".

-some Rolling Stones songs come to mind:
Start me up, Mixed Emotions, Undercover of the Night, etc.

-the DIC TV production crew is surrounding Serena's home, preparing to do another new episode (?).

-even Luciano Pavarotti sang the SM theme song by heart.

-the show's on, and the Flintstones yell, "Yabba-Dabba-Doo".

-the Tennis & Badminton Federation now includes the sailor uniform as part of the dress code for players.

-you and your friends have just witnessed Akane Tendo restraining her boyfriend, Ranma Saotome, from going after the person who's playing the song, Rainy Day Man. You know what water does to Ranma, and, for that matter, Ryoga, Mousse, and Shampoo.

-you persuaded your city mayor in renaming the town to SM Country.

-some Van Halen songs come to mind:
Right Now; Jump; Can't Stop Loving You, etc.

-you and your friends now have the natural habit of going to the snack bar for some "muffins".

-you went bananas over the fact that the Robotech 2 series was also originally slated for "65" episodes !

-you wanted to phone Amy for help on your homework, but you end up getting access to the Goddess Relief Office.

-your bro spotted a bunch of basketball players dribbling with a Luna Ball.

-your oh-so-interesting music teacher has recently started experimenting with the many ways one can do the SM theme song in almost every kind of music style available (like country, jazz, classical, dance-style, blues ...)

-you've just discovered that Rini's original name (Chibi Usa) is the true reason that the series are here now (read USA).

-some Chicago songs come to mind:
Along comes a woman, You're the inspiration, Glory of Love, etc.

-thanks to SM, the breakdancing era has returned (like "moonwalking").

-you got your favorite radio DJ to play the album on live broadcast.

-you and your family pay a visit to the zoo, and noticed some peculiar things: hyenas laughing like Serena, monkeys doing the SM poses, and some peacocks which show pink feathers, just like Rini's.

-your computer prof. has just created a large poster of the Scouts using CAD/CAM software (used primarily for architectural designs of buildings and other things).

-the new couple next door has just introduced their newborn son and daughter to you. Their names are Alan and Ann, respectively.

-all the members of a large family just happen to have the names of the SM characters.

-you were hoping for DIC to produce an episode called:
"Serena & Darien's Most Excellent Adventures".

-many people have begun expressing interest in some aquatic recreational sports such as yachting and sailing.

-you and many others had to buy surge protector bars for your electronic devices, and home appliances.

-some Michael Bolton songs come to mind:
Time, Love, and Tenderness; Soul Survivor; When a Man loves a Woman; and some others.

-some Michael Jackson songs come to mind:
Human Nature, Thriller, Scream, etc.

-you went to the local Optical store, hoping to find the same pair of shades that Darien wears.

-you got some personalized license plates for your car:

-you started comparing Tuxedo Mask to Superman (yet another SM moniker from outright coincidence).

-even the origami (art of paper folding) expert did a good job at making a paper figure of each of the SM characters.

-you finally created the Luna Ball using the latest in stealth technology, electronics, and magnetic levitation.

-your autobody paint expert has just done the graphic design of the Scouts on the entire area of your car/truck/RV.

-you and your colleagues have just started wearing the sailor uniform to work, for your company's casual day.

-you read a letter from Lita who's in Philadelphia, specifically for the place where Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity using a kite and key during a thunderstorm.

-you still hope for James Bond to use the Luna Pen in his next movie.

-you see a poster of Luna and Artemis on the wall of the Vet's office.

-some funny dude has placed a huge banner of Sailor Jupiter over one side of your favorite Tower landmark, just in case a thunderstorm comes.

-you have second thoughts about attending a school play tonight.

-you added some hair and a face on the H2O molecule so that it looks like you-know-who.

-Raye told you of the news that there may have been life on Mars.

-some Bryan Adams songs come to mind:
Everything I do, I do it for you; Run to You; Heaven, etc.

-you've just bought a luxury car that features electronic voices of the Sailor Scouts (i.e. "Sailor Moon says, please fasten your belts. This fancy feature was popular in the last decade, and some car mfrs. are still doing it as it'll be necessary for the concept and future vehicles.)

-you and your family look forward to having the Spaghetti & Meatballs dinner every weekend.

-you've noticed some sailor-colored traffic symbols on the highway.

-your dentist shouts to you, "Cavity-fighting power" !

-the CNN newscast even gives some updates on how Darien and Serena are doing now.

-your niece has been getting the same dreams (and nightmares) from the TV series !

-you're happy that the school construction crew will be building the new Crossroads Junior High School near your neighborhood.

-you and your friends phone every major arcade mfr. to find out if they'll produce the Sailor-V game.

-your favorite fishing celebrity wears the sailor uniform for the TV telecast.

-some U2 songs come to mind:
Pride; With or Without you; All I want is You, etc.

-your dad has just bought a basketball jersey with SM's name on the back.

-your girlfriend even wears a temporary tattoo of the Scouts on her arm.

-you even played the SM theme song, using the numeric phone keys on your cellular phone.

-you're among the first to buy the official SM plate (it could happen).

-some Billy Joel songs come to mind:
Uptown Girl; The Longest Time; We Didn't start the Fire, etc.

-you spotted Serena & Co. at the City University Observatory, where each one is looking thru the huge telescope at the respective planets named after them.

-your friend has just told you that he/she saw a near-perfect mural of the Scouts on the side of a farm bldg. in the countryside.

-your little son/daughter has just returned from the first day in junior kindergarten, and this is the picture he/she wants to show to you, "This is half of the Moon".

-your pitcher keeps throwing curveballs which look like a crescent moon.

-you even saw a collection of SM artwork at the local Art Gallery.

-"The Sailor Scouts" is the new name for your sports team.

-Lita is happy of the news of possible life on one of the Jupiter moons.

-at Raye's birthday party, you've just given her that Looney Toon character, Marvin the Martian, as her present, and she appreciates it.

-you play that classic Bananarama song, Venus.

-the Boy & Girl Scouts Club now have to rename themselves to the Boy & Girl & Sailor Scouts Club.

-you only eat some of the huge oatmeal (or any other) cookie so that it looks like a crescent moon.

-you and your friends are among the first to buy the official SM stamps.

-your wife has just informed you that her wedding ring is also one of the seven Rainbow Crystals that Queen Beryl has sought for.

-you witnessed the Supervisor warning the rookie Security Guard not to watch the show on one of the monitors while viewing for intruders.

-some kid wrote "Sailor Moon was here" on the chalkboard.

-some Beatles songs come to mind:
I Wanna Hold Your Hand; Help; Twist & Shout, etc.

-you and your friends look forward to lunch break since the show is on around at that time.

-your favorite baseball player holds his bat the same way SM holds her magical wand.

-even Mike Myers (another Toronto native) invited Serena & Co. for a special appearance on Wayne's World.

-your sister runs down the stairs each morning.

-a cable guy named Jim Carrey literally overcharges you for the satellite installation, in which you want to see the different versions of the show from around the world.

-at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, after the Flame is lit, the announcer shouts, "On behalf of the Moon, let the Games begin."

-at the Figure Skating Championships, you just saw one competitor wearing the sailor uniform (it's definitely possible).

-your fiancee is lucky to be renting the Moon Princess outfit for the upcoming High School Prom Reunion.

-you're at Times Square in New York City, and you see the show on the huge Sony TV screen ! Talk about great timing.

-Lita gave the request to the MTV (or MuchMusic) DJ for the AC/DC song, appropriately named "Thunderstruck".

-you hope to see Serena & Co. in your new class on the first day back in high school.

-your choreographer wants you and the others to do a live play version of the Sailor Moon show.

-you're among the proud few to wear the sailor uniform to school.

-you accidentally keep asking anyone having the names from the show, if they can transform into the Sailor Scouts.

-you actually have cats named Luna, Artemis, and Diane, long before the series was even created !!!

-you and your fiancee have just named your newborn daughter, Rini. (or, in the case of a son, Darien)

-at the Karaoke Night Club, you witnessed Rubius singing that famous Pink Floyd song, "The Dark Side of the Moon". Next, Darien and Serena sang that romantic song from Neil Young, "Harvest Moon".

-some Queen songs come to mind (you know the late Freddy Mercury):
Crazy Little Thing Called Love; Radio Gaga; The Show Must Go On, etc.

-Darien and Serena are on the cover of your favorite romance novel.

-even though MK stands for Mortal Kombat, it can also stand for the Moon Kingdom (coincidence, maybe ?).

-you visit the OK Corral, thinking that SM and Queen Beryl could've done the final showdown here.

-you've already got Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha 2, now you've got Athena from the King of Fighters series, who also wears a sailor uniform. Funnier still, you've also got Felicia from the Darkstalkers series who can transform into a cat, and could mistakenly be Artemis' sister !!!

-you hope to name a new constellation after the Sailor Scouts.

-every day during rush hour, instead of outright profanity, you shout, "Moon Scepter Elimination" !!!

-you even see the show on your flight to your destination.

-you and your family don't want to drive over bridges at night.

-at your favorite co-ed softball game, you see the four former Dark Moon Sisters (Prisma, Avery, Katzy, and Birdie) as umpires for each base.

-some Phil Collins songs come to mind:
Living in Paradise; One more night; I can't dance, etc.

-Lita has just published her new cookbook.

-your mom has seen one of the opera singers (during a practice session) sing the SM theme song.

-using your stunt plane and some smokescreen, you created a very huge face of Serena in the clear blue sky.

-you and your friends even reprogrammed each of your car's anti-theft security system to play SM's vocal message like this one: "On behalf of the Moon, halt right there".

-you look forward to the NFL season, hoping that the SM theme song will be played each time Warren Moon (no relation) appears on the scene.

-you and your friends humorously think of the many popular action phrases that naturally go with, "On Behalf of the Moon..."

-you did a portrait of yourself with the Meatball look.

-a mini battle is brewing between you and the next-door neighbor who plays loud Heavy Metal music. You, on the other hand, counter back with the SM theme song.

-you have a friend named Maxfield Stanton.

-you look in the phone book for anyone having the same names as the Sailor Scouts, and the villians.

-you shout "Moon Scepter Elimination" to all the other SM-wannabe shows that are on TV now.

-some Fleetwood Mac songs come to mind:
Sweet Little Lies; Rainbow's End; Big Love, etc.

-you and your fiancee have second thoughts about going to the House of Mirrors, fearing that Rubius and the Dark Moon Sisters could be there.

-some Janet Jackson songs come to mind:
Black Cat; Escapade; Rhythm Nation, etc.

-Serena has just done a new album: Sailor Moon...Unplugged.

-you've just seen Raye and her dad who's driving their red Pontiac Firebird down the street.

-your new girlfriend's name is Crystal (or Serena, Lita, Amy, Mina, Reeny, Raye, Molly, etc.)

-Darien's favorite quote is, "A rose is a rose is a rose".

-you hear that Robert Palmer song, "Simply Irresistible".

-Serena has just informed you that Raye won't be at school today because she's just caught a fever, but will recover the next day.

-Lita is known to some as the "Human Electric Buzzer".

-your dad is netsurfing for Amy's Home Page.

-Mina is the newest student in your Phys. Ed. class.

-you've just written these plans for tomorrow in your diary:
06:30- Wake up and eat breakfast.
07:00- Watch Sailor Moon, then leave for work.
08:30-16:30 - Normal work as usual, meeting at 10.
12:00- 1/2 hr. lunch, watch Sailor Moon.
16:30- Leave for home and rest, watch Sailor Moon.
18:30- Make dinner for family, read newspaper.
20:00- Family time, talk about Sailor Moon, and other things.
21:00- Watch Sailor Moon video, brush teeth, then sleep.

-Sailor Mars is your "Raye" of sunshine.

-Sailor Venus represents the symbol of deter-MINA-tion.

-Sailor Moon is the sign of Serena-ty.

-Sailor Mercury is very Ami-cable.

-Sailor Jupiter shocks enemies, Lita-rally.

-for some reason, 4 is your lucky number.

-your new boyfriend's name is Darien.

-your mom shouts, "Mars Celestial Fire, Surround !" before turning on the microwave or oven.

-your children aren't exactly looking forward to your grandparents' arrival.

-even your laser eye surgeon shouts, "Venus Crescent Beam Smash".

-you watch those Wrestling Battle Royales, for the possibility that something nasty will occur from under the Ring.

-the fact that there's a fog today is Mother Nature's way of saying, "Mercury Bubble Blast".

-you wish every cat could talk, just like Luna, Artemis, and Diane.

-you react to anything whenever any SM term (or character) is mentioned.

-Queen Beryl goes ape over hearing that Elvis Presley song, Don't Be (Wicked) Cruel.

-Sailor Moon says, "Smile ! You're on Candid Camera".

-you and your friends visit the local Ice Cream Store for some "wicked" cool treats.

-you see Rubius' ship flying over your neighborhood (shades of that movie, Independence Day).

-some Mariah Carey songs come to mind:
Someday; Emotions; I don't wanna cry, etc.

-some humorous meterologist terms include:
Wicked Cold Air; Mars Fire Front; Mercury Shower Blast; Venus Crescent Beam Sunny Day; Jupiter Thunderstorm, etc.

-Serena does that old "Rabbit out of the Hat" trick again.

-every time you hear that Village People song, Macho Man, you can't help but think of Malachite, Darien, Rubius, Andrew, Nephlyte,etc. (Fact: one of the members wears a navy sailor uniform. They also recently released a Greatest Hits album).

-you buy that new video, The Sailor Scouts' Greatest Hits. In it, you see scenes of them bashing away at the Negaverse.

-your computer's e-mail pager gives this audio message, "Sailor Moon says, you've got mail".

-Darien visits the doctor for his recent sleeping problems.

-Raye is reading the Stephen (Lion) King novel, Firestarter.

-a bunch of menswear specialists call themselves the "Tailor Scouts".

-you're suffering from the common (wicked) cold.

-Nuku Nuku is talking to Luna about becoming the first ever cybernetic Sailor Scout.

-your local sports store now sells the Meatball helmet, or if you prefer, the Tuxedo Bike helmet.

-Mickey Mouse keeps calling his dog "Sailor" Pluto.

-Serena & Darien can also be known as "Beauty and the Best".

-some Martians have just arrived in front of Raye's home, and are asking her for some autographs.

-you and your friends have just opened the accounting firm of Serena, Darien, and Rini.

-even aliens from across the Universe tune into Sailor Moon.

-the producers of Godzilla (Toho Co. Ltd.) immediately turns down Queen Beryl's request to use the monster to smash Tokyo again, just to get rid of the Sailor Scouts.

-you have to work extra hours in order to "make up" for lost time.

-you've just overheard this conversation between Pinky and The Brain after watching Queen Beryl lose yet again:
Brain: Well, she's gonna try it again tomorrow night, Pinky.
Pinky: What's she gonna do tomorrow night, Brain ? (Narf !!)
Brain: Much like us, the same thing she does every night, try and take over the world !

-even the name is found in the Oxford Dictionary.

-you prefer having your photos in slides, because you don't want them as nega-tives.

-the whole junior class keeps telling the teacher not to use "negative" in any subject.

-you buy that software pgm. called "Microsoft Home Essentials", just because Amy Anderson's name is found at the back of the package (it's true, folks. Just visit your local Computer Store and ask for it).

-you played Alan's flute song at the Collectible Card Convention, in hopes of bringing the characters to life.

-Ann will also be remembered for singing the worst-ever rendition of that classic country song, "Home on the Range".

-Serena has just asked you to create a wedding dress for her.

-leading shoe experts have just classified high heels and boots as part of the "running shoes" category.

-your city mayor wants to replace that title with "Sailor" (Hey, it rhymes).

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