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Page 3 of U know U watch 2 much SM when...
-you overheard the Master Chef shouting, "Mars Fire, Ignite" each time he/she starts the stove fire to cook the Special Entree.

-even the Ghostbusters watch it, and wish they could help wipe out the Negaverse as well. (DIC produced the animated version)

-you painted your helium-filled beach ball so that it looks like a Luna Ball.

-some George Michael songs come to mind:
Freedom; Faith; Wake Me Up, etc.

-you sent a humorous postcard of the New Crystal Tokyo Kingdom to your friends back home.

-your friend has just received a letter from Raye and Mina who are visiting France. Raye is seen in the Louis Pasteur Institute (where he founded the process of killing bacteria with heat), while Mina is in the Louvre, posing next to the Venus De Milo.

-you and your buddies visit Disneyland, probably thinking that this'll be where Serena & Co. will go after defeating the Negaverse.

-Keiichi Morisato has informed you that he's just seen the Imperium Silver Crystal, right next to the wedding ring that he'll buy for Belldandy. (Fact: in the Oh My Goddess series, they lived inside a Shinto temple).

-you and your fiancee ask the expert interior decorator if he/she can help design a room like Serena's.

-some Eagles songs come to mind:
Hotel California; Life in the Fast Lane; Love'll Keep us Alive, etc.

-even the pitching coaches watch the show, specifically for chars. like Sailor Jupiter, Katzy, Malachite, and Sailor Venus who throw their "fastballs" against the opposition.

-you've just seen Molly at the front row of the concert where Little Richard is performing now (you know the song, "Good Golly, Miss Molly").

-you keep reading the final part of that fairy tale, Cinderella, where Prince Charming puts the glass slipper on her foot, and she turns into a princess. However, you were hoping that she'd turn into a Sailor Scout.

-you wrap your sandwich with Serena Wrap.

-some Bon Jovi songs come to mind:
Always; Blaze of Glory; Living on a Prayer, etc.

-the Knight Sabers (from Bubblegum Crisis) are seen sporting their new-look battle armor in sailor colors.

-you and the rest of the world are finally witnessing the official marriage between Darien and Serena. At the end, the priest proclaims, "On behalf of the Moon, I now pronounce you man & wife. You may kiss the bride".

-you spotted a few 16-yr. old girls reading their favorite teen mag, and Darien's on the front cover.

-you and your friends have even heard the SM soundtrack being played at the annual college prom dance.

-the Totoros are Serena's new next-door neighbor.

-your daughter has second thoughts about participating in the talent show.

-some Vanessa Williams songs come to mind:
The sweetest days; Save the best for last; Sister Moon, etc.

-your friend has just created a musical compilation of songs which have the word "moon" in it.

-you've just received a letter from the DIC Production crew (along with the Scouts and the Negaverse) who are in Whistler, B.C., where they're filming the episode in which Serena competes for the Ski Princess title.

-Lita just happens to be the new student in your Home Economics class.

-some Prince songs come to mind:
Let's Go Crazy; Diamonds & Pearls; Kiss, etc.

-you replaced the pieces on your chess board with the SM figurines.

-you and your best friend visit the opening ceremonies of the local community centre, and the city mayor proclaims ... "On behalf of the Moon, I now declare this new centre open to the public."

-Lum-chan has just given her boyfriend, Ataru Moroboshi, yet another "Jupiter Thunder Crash" shock therapy.

-you want to purchase a cryogenic chamber so that you can sleep in suspended animation (no pun intended) and wake up to see the New Crystal Tokyo Kingdom in the 4th millenium.

-Siskel & Ebert recently visited the local anime club for the SM movie.

-the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have just spotted Zoysite inside the sewer system, chasing the cat that just happens to have one of the Rainbow Crystals inside itself.

-you shop around Chinatown for the Moon Cakes (this is also where the annual Moon Festival is held every Sept.).

-some Bee Gees songs come to mind:
Stayin' Alive; Raining Again; One, etc.

-some Duran Duran songs come to mind:
Reflex; Ordinary World; Hungry like the Wolf; Undone, etc.

-you're touring the Grand Canyon, much to the surprise that the voice actors & actresses are there, too. Now what do you suppose they'll shout at the canyons below, considering the echoes it can make ?

-you and your friends are invited to Raye's annual barbeque party, and you notice that her dad has just shouted "Mars Fire, Ignite" just before he starts the BBQ flame. Coincidence ??

-some Eurythmics songs come to mind:
Sweet dreams; Would I lie to you; Here comes the rain again, etc.

-some Whitney Houston songs come to mind:
The greatest love of all; Wanna dance with somebody; Always Love U ...

-at the local golf club, instead of shouting "FORE", you shout ... "Golf Swinging Power" !!!

-you got a letter from your cousin who's in Quebec City for the traditional Winter Festival, and you noticed that the included photo shows a near-perfect rendition of the Moon Kingdom made entirely of solid ice blocks. And it won first prize, too.

-the show's on, and Inspector Gadget says, "Wowsers" !
(this was also done by DIC. In Toronto, too.)

-before you save your work on your word processor pgm., you shout, "File Saving Activation !!" -you watch the other cat shows (like Garfield, Felix, Samurai Pizza Cats, and others) to see if they have a crescent moon hidden on their forehead.


-the Moon Kingdom is now the newest participant in the Olympics.

-your mom has just joined a new club for which she'll learn the art of telepathy. Good thing, you hope to get some cats in before she's ready.

-some Beach Boys songs come to mind:
California Dreamin'; Good Vibrations; Little Deuce Coupe, etc.

-you have a bumper sticker which reads:
"My (country) includes [or I brake for] the Sailor Scouts".

-some New Kids on The Block songs come to mind:
Cover Girl; Hangin' Tough; Step By Step; Tonight, etc.

-Andrew just happens to be the newest employee at the local arcade.

-you send (and receive) 300+ letters every week to/from your netpals.

-you and your fiancee attend the Guns 'N Roses (!?) concert. Midway thru, you've just spotted Chad crowdsurfing, while Darien is seen playing with the drums.

-you'd only buy a luxury car that has a moon-roof as standard equipment.

-some Paul Janz songs come to mind:
Believe in Me; I won't cry; Every Tear, etc.

-even Pepe le Pew likes Luna, too.

-even the Street Fighter char., Chun Li, is also called "Meatball Head" !!

-your astrology teacher has humorously said that the planets are named after the Sailor Scouts.

-Queen Beryl was seen at the local pharmacy store, buying some prescription-strength heartburn medicine, probably making some sort of special magic potion with which to counter Rini's finishing move known as "Pink Sugar Heart Attack".

-even the X-Men char., Cyclops, shouts "Venus Crescent Beam Smash".

-some Paula Abdul songs come to mind:
Opposites Attract; Straight Up; Rush, Rush, etc.

-the show will be popular for a very long time. Just ask the Jetsons.

-your girlfriend humorously wrote at the top of the letter:
"Sailor Moon says, you may have already won $1 million dollars".

-you and your friends want Bill Gates to include Sailor Moon artwork for the Windows Desktop Screens.

-you avoid the many things that rhyme with Zoysite or the other 3 agents.
(like website, Bud Light, Kite, night, etc.)

-some Huey Lewis songs come to mind:
Heart & Soul; Power of Love; If this is it, etc.

-you want the city mayor to rename the major city highways in honor of the Sailor Scouts.

-your friend thinks that the Lunar Eclipse is named after Luna herself.

-on your calendar, you write Moon-Day over Monday (which the term is derived from).

-you look forward to playing frisbee with your friends at the beach.

-you write to the Calendar Timekeeper Society (fictional group, folks) that they should replace the 12 months with the names of the 10 Scouts, plus Darien, and Queen Serenity.

-some Enigma songs come to mind:
Eyes of Truth; Sadeness; Return to Innocence, etc.

-your girlfriend keeps singing, "I'm too sexy for the Sailor Scouts ..."

-you and your fiancee visit the local shoe store, hoping they have the same pairs of stilettos and boots as the Scouts.

-you're searching for the elusive Fountain of Youth (if you haven't figured out already, Serena & Co. will each live for over 2100 yrs. throughout the series since she and the others weren't technically dead).

-you keep hearing that Glen Frey song, "The Heat Is On."

-you reprogrammed the school's sprinkler system so that it'll give this announcement whenever fire breaks out, "Mercury Water Blast".

-some Ace of Base songs come to mind:
The Sign; Living in Danger; Lucky Love; Beautiful Life, etc.

-you're at the crime scene, which Queen Beryl is trapped inside the power plant by the City Police, trying to steal some energy. The security guard, holding the megaphone, shouts to her inside, "On behalf of the Moon, you will surrender, and come out with your hands up !!!"

-some Elvis Presley songs come to mind:
Can't Help Falling In Love; Always on my Mind; Love me Tender, etc.

-some Tears for Fears songs come to mind:
Everybody wants to rule the world; Shout; Change, etc.

-you've just received e-mail from your parents who are visiting Japan, specifically for the annual tradition known as "tsukimi" (Moon watching).

-you and your best friends watch the show, "Sliders", hoping that they'll enter the Negaverse, or the 2 Kingdoms.

-some Corey Hart songs come to mind:
Never Surrender; Sunglasses at Night; It's in your soul, etc.

-you read the horror story, "Frankenstein", to your daughter on Halloween night. She was disappointed because the creator didn't shout the famous phrase, "Jupiter Thunder Crash", just before he turned on the switch to activate the monster.

-you and your fiancee are invited to Amy's poolside party. You see her dad shout "Mercury water blast", just as he turns on the pool fountain.

-you spot Raye watching the classic Godzilla movies at the local Blockbuster Video shop.

-you may not quite promise your girlfriend the sun, stars, or the sky, but you'll definitely guarantee her the Moon.

-the high school's fashion committee has just made plans to do a live performance with the members wearing the sailor uniforms and other clothes as seen in the series.

-you and your fiancee followed Darien and Serena into the buffet restaurant in the uptown area.

-the British have just renamed England to the United "Moon" Kingdom.

-some TLC songs come to mind:
CrazySexyCool; Creep; Baby Baby Baby, etc.

-Luna is on the front label of the popular cat food's package.

-you and your friends have just opened a new dance club, where the rich and famous can dance Victorian style. It's called the Luna-Ballroom.

-some Pointer Sisters songs come to mind:
I'm so Excited; Jump; Neutron Dance, etc.

-(former) Queen Beryl has just become the newest member of the Goosebumps TV production crew.

-your computer programmer is currently doing a special type of software which will give a virtual tour of the Moon Kingdom.

-your cousin has just seen posters outside the local supermarket. Each one reads, "Money-saving power !!!".

-you hear that Nirvana song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

-you read the book, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus", and its sequels, and then you say, "Uh oh ..."

-your mom has second thoughts about joining that new workout club.

-you and your friends watch those sci-fi shows, like Star Trek and Babylon 5, hoping that those warp-holes would actually lead to the Negaverse, or the Moon Kingdom.

-your next home video game system should be the Sega Saturn. (come to think of it, so should your next car).

-Melvin is the name of your new computer consultant.

-you've been having headaches, just like Darien.

-your fishing buddy buys the Moon Clock (a special type of calendar which displays all the moon phases and best daily fishing times).

-even Popeye is a fan of the Sailor Scouts (rather obvious, eh ?).

-you hear that Metallica song, "And Justice for All".
(careful, the Negaverse's original name is Empress Metallia).

-at the annual Halloween dance party, you and your best friends have just spotted the Negaverse monsters doing the Macarena !

-Ace Ventura watches it for the cats (especially Luna).

-Serena keeps playing that Weird Al Yankovic song, "Eat It".
(a parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It").

-trying desperately to find the Moon Kingdom or the Negaverse gives new meaning to that classic phrase, "Houston, we have a problem".

-now Dave Letterman has just done tonight's Top 10 list of the reasons that people watch too much Sailor Moon.

-you just can't boil water without saying, "Mercury Bubble Blast".

-your brother can't write anything on paper without holding his pen up high and saying, "Disguise Power .. (define action)".

-even though MPP stands for "Member of the Provincial Parliament" (no relation to Roland), it also stands for "Moon Prism Power". ^_^

-Darien and Serena are watching the 007 movie, "Moonraker".

-even Tarzan had a tough time swinging thru the Doom tree.
(so did Indiana Jones).

-Luna & Artemis were seen attending that musical play, "Cats".

-Elmer Fudd & Tweety Bird sing their rendition of "My Only Wuv (Love)" at the Karaoke Night Club.

-life-size posters of the 13 Sailor Scouts occupy each of the windows at the DIC HQ office (sure gives the burglars second thoughts).

-you visit Roswell, New Mexico. There could be some Negaverse monsters (but the city does hold alien dress parties and contests).

-even the Addams Family watches it. However, you wouldn't know if they're rooting for the Negaverse, or the Sailor Scouts.

-you wonder why the Computer Blues episode was done directly off that Sandra Bullock movie called, "The Net".

-you actually got your school principal to make the Sailor uniform a mandatory requirement of the Dress Code.

-even the X-Men char., Storm, shouted, "Jupiter Thunder Crash".

-you want to learn more about horoscopes, only because it involves the use of the planets which help define your destiny.

-Darien & Serena spend their honey-moon in Niagara Falls, Ont.

-you and your friends sing the Cdn. anthem to the tune of Oh Starry Night, since it almost sounds the same way (try it).

-Nephlyte is reading the Shakespearean novel, King Lear, which contain this verse: "It is the stars. The stars above us govern our condition." And you wonder how Shakespeare knew Nephlyte.

-your aunt has just informed you that Serena's residence number is 30.

-the policeman has arrested you for speeding on the hwy. ramp, for which you went above the 30 km/h (20 mph) speed limit.

-your sister used your computer's photo-editing desktop publishing software to modify your dad's picture of Mt. Rushmore to include Darien's face next to the faces of the four U.S. presidents. Next you did the same thing, using the faces of the 13 Sailor Scouts.

-you pour milk over your bowl of Kelloggs Rice Krispies. However, instead of the usual "Snap! Crackle! Pop!", you hear other noises which also take 3 sounds: Moon Prism Power; Mars Fire, Ignite; Mercury Bubble Blast; or Jupiter Thunder Crash, etc.

-for this year's Halloween, you need the Luna Pen to make the perfect costumes for yourself and your children.

-the DIC folks have just adopted a no-shouting policy which is enforced during work hours.

-you just can't wait for the day when travelling to the Moon (and eventually the Universe) will soon be a reality.

-Darien ranks right alongside Fabio (a real attraction, yes ?).

-you and fiancee want to use the same wedding clothes that Darien and Serena wore for their ceremony.

-you and your sister use that SimCity software to create your own versions of the Moon Kingdom and Crystal Tokyo.

-you hope to see Darien at the local flower shop.

-you and your friends are feeling very sleepy.

-you've been doing things too quickly.

-Queen Beryl asked Jedite this question, "Got Moon ?".

-the Moon Kingdom is almost invisible to the naked eye, but then again, so is the Smurf Village.

-your teacher puts "Sailor" between the letters U and V.

-your geography teacher prefixes "Crystal" to every city he/she mentions (including the one you live in).

-Zoysite is the newest doctor at the University Hospital. She can magically (and safely) remove gallstones (and other foreign objects) from a patient's kidney/stomach without requiring surgery.

-the sailor uniform is the newest fashion trend.

-it sure beats doing the Hokey-Pokey.

-you even think that Goldilocks would compare to Serena in terms of eating habits.

-Serena is rehearsing for the Rapunzel play.
(The reason ? Think of Rapunzel's very long blonde hair)

-even Yogi Bear likes the show (for the food, that is).

-some REM songs come to mind:
Stand; Drive; Shiny Happy People, etc.

-while driving thru the desert (like Sahara, Gobi, or Mojave), you caught a glimpse of the Moonlight Knight ahead of you (mirage, perhaps ?).

-your fellow employees have just bought a palm-sized personal digital computer of their own, so now they can be as (wicked) cool and smart-looking as Amy.

-Katzy just happens to be the newest choreographer at the local ballet school for the performing arts.

-Queen Beryl was seen playing around with the plasma crystal ball (which emits mini-bolts from its core; anyone who touches any part of the globe will cause the bolts to "link" to that particular area, as if you were receiving magical powers).

-a kindergarten teacher said this to the class, "S is for Sailor, M is for Moon, T is for Tuxedo Mask, B is for Beryl, Z is for Zoysite ...".

-you can forget surfing the Net, because now you can SAIL it (especially if you have a really powerful modem, like ISDN) !

-you don't look forward to winter each year, fearing that it could be the start of that dreaded 1000 yr.-long Ice Age that Serena warned you about (which ultimately would lead to the creation of Crystal Tokyo).

-many basketball players are doing Moon Shots a bit too often (a term which describes throwing the ball from the other side of the court).

-you ate most of your one pancake so that it looks like a crescent moon.

-Nephlyte is seen at the planetarium, specifically the Constellation Exhibit.

-you and your friend have just heard Jedite over the radio.

-Serena's family's car is an Audi (pronounced "outie").

-at a studio rehearsal, the fictional judge has just said this to Queen Beryl, "On behalf of the Moon, I hereby find you guilty as charged ..".

-you deliberately modified the coding in games like Doom, Quake, Heretic, Duke Nukem, etc. In this case, you get the Crescent Moon Wand (instead of the Machine Gun), and the monsters get to be turned into moondust (instead of splattered blood and gore).

-Serena's and Lita's stomachs are churning whenever their geography teacher mentions places like Chile, Turkey, Bologna, Pisa (pizza), etc.

-Sailors Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Mercury, can be known as the "innie" senshi, while Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus are called the "outie" senshi. However, Rini is just Rini.

-you're jealous because your sister is participating in a Japanese cultural exchange pgm., in which she gets to stay and attend school in Tokyo, and get to watch all the new episodes over the one-yr. period. However, the Japanese student will gladly update you on what's going on there.

-you buy a (wicked) cooler for your beverages.

-like the Lone Ranger, Tuxedo Mask is the other "Masked Man" that people keep asking about.

-you keep asking where the Sailor Starhealer is when you need her for your injuries.

-Luna, Artemis, and Diane have just signed on to star in that famous Meow Mix commercial (I think it sounds like, "Meow, meow, meow, meow ...").

-your car dealer keeps prefixing "Sailor" to all the standard features (like Sailor steering; Sailor brakes; Sailor windows, etc.) found on the car you want to buy; and you don't want to know what the available options are.

-your doctor shows you the X-Ray(e) of your body.

-Queen Beryl and Serena are playing a (not quite so) friendly game of chess.

-Rini replaced the volleyball with her Luna Ball, so as to confuse and frustrate the players big time.

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